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Content Is Customer Service

I’ve been having some trouble with a client lately and here’s why – they can’t distinguish between “target audience” and “user”. And when it comes to content strategy that’s a problem. Let me explain. I really like cooking shows. While I do fancy myself a home cook, the shows I like a lot appeal to … Continue reading

Conversations in Content Strategy: David Hobbs, Content Migration Expert and Founder, David Hobbs Consulting

It seems you can’t talk about content for long these days without the subject of content management systems coming up. Organizations either love them (or at least the idea of them) or hate them, and many are finally coming around to the realization that the technology in and of itself cannot be organizationally transformative. Enter strategy – both … Continue reading

Conversations in Content Strategy: Hilary Marsh, Founder and Chief Content & Digital Strategist at the Digital Content Strategy Consultancy, Content Company

Content strategy is an integral part of business strategy for companies today. From customer satisfaction to maximizing capacity, businesses are slowly realizing content strategy’s critical role in impacting the bottom line. I recently caught up with veteran content strategist, Hilary Marsh (@hilarymarsh), to talk about the necessary business-side of content and how to sell it … Continue reading